Operations Sales Manager

The Operations Sales Manager is the person directly responsible for running a specific client program at the site level. The Operations Sales Manager is responsible for learning all of the in-depth details of their specific client program and managing the program to its full potential. The Operations Sales Manager is the “voice of the client” within the call center.

Job Responsibilities: 
  • Reviews and analyzes program performance to determine program needs
  • Approves personnel activities concerning hiring, training, development and performance management
  • Provides written performance appraisals
  • Acts when necessary as a problem-solving escalation point for Supervisors and front-line RAs
  • Meets forecasted or budgeted financial targets including occupancy and bill-to-pay percentage
  • Identifies and oversees program/problem resolution
  • Maximizes potential of subordinates through coaching, development and effective performance management methods
  • Tracks client issues and maintains client correspondence and issue resolution
  • Supports Results’ goals by implementing and facilitating processes that promote continuous improvement, resulting in improved service quality and/or reduced operating expenses. Reviews workflow to ensure improved productivity ratios.
  • Leads a Sales team of Program Managers, Supervisors and agents
Required Skills and Qualifications: 
  • Dedicated to providing superior customer and sales service
  • Naturally great with people—especially on the phone
  • Exceptional, professional communication skills both written and verbal
  • Effective presentation skills are essential for this position
  • Skilled in developing and maintaining key professional customer relationships
  • Ability to think logically, communicate clearly and diplomatically with a wide range of users ranging from RAs to Executive Management and Clients
  • Excellent analytical, problem-solving and troubleshooting skills – ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw conclusions
  • Ability to self-manage, self-motivate and be accountable for assignments and related deadlines
  • Competent with Windows and Microsoft Office products
  • Strong typing Skills (touch type at least 30 words per minute)

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Supervisor, Human Resources

The Supervisor, Human Resources, supports the site by performing administrative duties. This position serves as a liaison between the site employees and management; per instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.

Job Responsibilities: 
  • Where required, assists in collecting, updating, and coordinating site payroll with the Payroll Manager
  • Provides support to the site, including assisting with employee relations, conducting investigations as assigned, and maintaining employee corrective actions
  • Participates in and presents Human Resources information during on-boarding for all new hire classes
  • Manages site benefits, including employee safety, unemployment, LOA program support
  • Promotes and is involved with the organization and support of site events
  • Assists in carrying out various human resources programs for site employees
  • Maintains personnel files in accordance with established legal, regulatory, and company directives
  • Communicates issues to the attention of the HR and site leadership
  • Reinforces employee relations practices to establish a positive employer-employee relationship and promote a high level of employee morale
  • Ensures that all employee practices are consistently interpreted and applied in accordance with legal and company directives
  • Completes job offers and promotions for non-agents
  • Follows up on employee notices of separation with proper documentation and exit interview
  • Supports site compliance audits.
  • Other duties, as assigned
Required Skills and Qualifications: 
  • Minimum 2 years relevant experience in Human Resources
  • Ability to handle sensitive and confidential materials
  • Proficient and effective English verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, deadline-oriented environment
  • Must have excellent organizational, interpersonal and time management skills
  • Must be task oriented, possess exceptional people skills and be reliable
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Outlook, internet, copier, fax and other business machines
  • Ability to exercise discretion and interact effectively with individuals at all levels and from diverse backgrounds


  • BA degree in Human Resources
  • Call Center experience
  • Experience in payroll processing
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    Energy Services Case Study: Outsourcing Leads to Increased Sales

    By outsourcing its inbound campaigns to Results, the Leading Energy Services provider was able to increase its phone sales by more than 22%, with a longer average lifetime per customer.
    Michael Schein

    Quick Facts


    • 6,000+


    • 8 million


    • Increased phone sales by more than 22%
    • Extended customer retention
    • Increased efficiency and effectiveness through new technology and processes
    • Handled almost 500K enrollment calls in 2009
    • New enrollment errors decreased significantly by ensuring thorough data processing audits
    • Conversion goal of 80% consistently exceeded
    Download Teaser: 
    The Leading Energy Services Company examined in this case study is the largest energy and home services retailer in North America. The company also offers facility maintenance; installation and servicing of plumbing; heating, air and ventilation; energy consulting and energy audits. A green energy innovator, they have pioneered the relatively new areas of wind power, open market energy procurement, carbon and renewable energy credits, and energy auctions. Upwards of eight million customers rely on the group for their energy needs, and their market is expanding exponentially. The Leading Energy Service Company has traditionally operated a “big box” internal call center to field calls from customers looking to procure its services. Customers call about a wide range of topics, including questions about existing services and pricing options. The company’s contact center operation is key to driving sales.
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    Consumer Products Case Study

    We delivered a 340% increase in learning curve with 15% improvement in customer care and we handled more calls with less expense
    Michael Schein

    Quick Facts


    • 13,000+


    • $8.4 billion


    • Bilingual service without loss of quality
    • Customer support in line with company philosophy
    • Maintenance of cost efficiencies


    • 340% increase in learning curve
    • 15% improvement in customer care
    • More calls handled with less expense


    Download Teaser: 
    The company examined in this case study is the world’s largest network marketing retail and manufacturing firm. As a pioneer in the concept of using teams of self-motivated small business owners to distribute its offerings, the firm has experienced an explosive degree of growth since its founding. Currently the company has roughly $8.4 billion of annual revenue and over 13,000 employees. Within the last decade, management has increasingly come to view the international arena as a primary source of future growth and has accordingly concentrated a great deal of resources on nurturing these markets. The result of these efforts is the establishment of independent business owners (IBOs) in 80 countries worldwide to date.
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    Silver City, Manila

    The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, and Manila is the capital city. The contact center industry in Manila is strongly supported by the Filipino government. Improved transportation to contact center areas allows a solid infrastructure for a stable workforce. The labor market is large and continues to grow, with over 50,000 graduates per year in Manila alone. American English is the main language medium. Because of this, Manila provides a unique combination of cost value and a highly motivated, accessible workforce.

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