100% quality in 100% of your calls.

Quality Assurance

Industry-Leading Quality Assurance

The Results Companies' Quality Assurance System is based on the philosophy that evaluators should be encouraged to select and listen to as many problem calls as possible with the goal of fixing those problems in a systematic manner.

Call Monitoring

In addition to standard industry monitoring techniques, The Results Companies has created a technology platform that allows for the monitoring of 100% of calls that have the highest propensity for agent error – including those with high talk times, high after-call work times, low customer satisfaction scores, excessive hold times and/or other criteria that are proven indicators of problems that can be pinpointed and solved.

Unique Display

The unique ability to capture and record both audio conversation and screen navigation allows the Results team to study root causes of problems on a minute-by-minute basis. The system can display the screens of all agents working on any program in real time through a few interlinked monitors. This allows trainers, supervisors and quality evaluators to immediately provide remote coaching or earmark calls that should be reviewed at a later time.