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Statistical Models on the Fly

The Results Companies offers a customer engagement analytics platform called CallMiner Eureka. CallMiner Eureka is a third-party product that delivers near real-time customer intelligence by capturing, transcribing and revealing insights from 100% of your customer interactions.

Results has made a significant investment in interaction analytics to provide an unparalleled customer experience. We ingest interaction transcripts as well as desktop analytics (from calls, chat streams, back office, etc.) and process the data into applicable business intelligence. This is achieved by converting unstructured data into “structured” data, making it discoverable, searchable and actionable.

The transcript identifies positive as well as negative behaviors and enables a fully comprehensive coaching and learning tool. This also enables us to map the customer journey, so we can tell whether we have been able to solve the customer’s need the first time, or whether a customer has had to interact with us many times to achieve resolution.

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